Ponyfinder Everglow Bestiary 2nd edition

Every brave warrior needs an adversary. Every spell wielding wizard must have an opponent worthy of their skill. Here you will find more than a dozen creatures native to the region of Everglow to fill these very roles in your Ponyfinder game!

Unique and incredible challenges await within, lurking in the shadows until those daring enough to face them come forth!

With exciting content for PF1, PF2, and 5E!

  • Monsters Over 60 beasts for all editions!
  • NPCs 16 (all)
  • Companions PF1 4, PF24, 5e 2
  • Feats PF1 30, PF2e 46, 5e 12
  • Ancestries PF1 1, PF2e 3, 5e 3
  • Prestige Classes PF1 1, 5e 1
  • Archetypes PF2e 1
  • Spells PF1 8, PF2e 7, 5e 7
  • Items PF1 4, PF2e 5, 5e 4

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