Prevail Unbound Silencers Speciality Profile

This Speciality Profile is provided to the Storyteller to expand gameplay and provide further options for same. The Prevail Unbound Core Rulebook is required to play the game.

The fulfilment requirement to Activate this Speciality is listed, along with the Abilities contained within the Speciality.

Some of the background lore for the Speciality is provided, but the nuances of culture and tradition may be further refined by the Storyteller (or the Player in conjunction with the Storyteller). Humanity’s connection to the Spirit Ream is incredibly vast and varied, therefore truths and new pieces of information are constantly being brought to light.

As with all Original Frontiers systems the Storyteller has the final word on all matters pertaining to gameplay. If a rule within this book comes into conflict with the good of the story, the Storyteller is free to bend, amend, or ignore that rule to their discretion.

Above all I wish you a fun, expressive and creative roleplay experience.


The Silencers of the Unbound world come from a variety of backgrounds and Sects. They do not usually make a name for themselves under any specific Supernal edict which warrants additional bloodshed; it is more likely the individual’s propensity for bloodshed which makes them likely to be spotted as potential silencers.

Once an Adherent has enough fatalities under their belt a higher up within their Sect will usually approach them with the possibility of earning the mantle of Silencer. That Adherent is then relied upon to satisfy Kill Orders from key Sect members without question, eliminating any threats real or perceived at any time.

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