Rolemaster Spell Law (RMU)

Rolemaster Spell Law

For over four decades, Rolemaster has been the definitive fantasy role playing game that combines realism and depth without sacrificing playability. Rolemaster Unified is the next evolution drawing upon the best elements of previous editions to create a streamlined and consistent game.

Rolemaster Spell Law is the spell system of Rolemaster Unified.

Rolemaster Spell Law is the definitive and highly acclaimed magic system. Revised, reformatted, reorganized and expanded, Rolemaster Spell Law brings the magic to life in your campaign. Unleash the powers of the elements upon your foes through your mastery of the Essence. Wield the subtler energies of Mentalism to bewilder your enemies and manipulate the minds of your rivals. Call upon your god to heal any wound and blast the undead to ashes.

Spell Law organizes several thousand spells into multiple spell lists forming the Realms of Essence, Channeling and Mentalism. Spell lists are further characterized into the Open, Closed, Evil and Base categories. The specialist spell lists of all the spell using professions introduced in Rolemaster Core Law are in Rolemaster Spell Law. All spell lists contain a complete set of spells from 1st to 20th level plus epic 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, and 50th level effects.

Spell Law contains the rules for magic and spell casting. It provides rules for characters to learn new spells and even research whole new spell lists. Ritual magic is presented as an alternative mechanism of achieving magical effects. Finally Spell Law provides comprehensive explanations on how to handle the more complex areas of magical effects such as portents, healing, summoning, illusions, invisibility and more.

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