Scorching heat, blinding sun, stinging sand. But the harsh desert conditions are only the beginning. Deep beneath the sands, something is stirring and it has plans for you!

A party of strangers arrives in Newtown to investigate sabotage in the gold mines deep below the desert. Soon they are thrust into the middle of a bitter conflict between warring factions and forced to choose sides. Ultimately, they must uncover the secret beneath the sands and neutralise an otherworldly threat to the entire realm.

This game module for the world’s most famous roleplaying system will take a group of 4 6 players from level 1 to level 4 and contains all new battle maps and NPC art. Specifically aimed at newer groups, it contains all the guidance you need to run a successful campaign, while allowing customisation for more experienced game masters.


  • Self contained three act adventure, taking your party from level 1 to 4
  • 24 hand drawn, full colour maps to enhance your gaming experience
  • Packed with original character and monster art
  • 75 original encounter ideas
  • Note that this book requires access to the 5ecore rulebooks

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