Space Taxi

A black cat sitting on top of a black spaceship with red lights in the background.Each character type has their own goal to complete before the trip is over, and will meet all kinds of things along the way as the driver pulls cards from a deck to generate encounters. But watch out for the Space Cats these adorable little fluffballs can be as mischeivous as they are cute!

Note this TTRPG contains innuendo thatmay not be suitable for children.

SpaceTaxi uses theCaltropCore systembyTitanomachy. All you need to play the game are pencils and erasers, a deck of regular playing cards and some four sided dice!

“This game is awesome fun, poetic, well designed, the layout and the illustrations are very good!It’s one of my favorite games of the year!” Guillaume Jenté

Created by gothHoblin
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