Steel Rift Burning Horizons

Steel Rift is a fast paced skirmish game featuring highly configurable mechs called HE Vs. Played on a 3’ x 3’ table, it’s easy to set up almost anywhere.

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The Steel Rift Core Rulebook brings you the rules for the customizing and doing battle with a fighting force of massive mechs; but they are not alone on the battlefield.

Infantry, Battlesuits and Vehicles find themselves caught in the solar conflicts, waging war alongside those steel giants. Burning Horizons introduces these new unit types and their role in futuristic conflicts.

But that’s not all! This supplement also adds a full Campaign system for managing your own force of HE Vs, their support assets and pilots. Create your roster, repair and recruit pilots, eam supply drops and support assets and play linked missions to determine the fate of your HE V company and their Commander.

Written and developed by the writer of Last Days and Gamma Wolves, Ash Barker puts his passion for both apocalyptic and mech combat games on full display. This expansion adds more HE V mech types, Campaign Modes, Mission rules, and a variety of new Support Unit Types to Steel Rift. All of this is complimented by the wonderful miniatures and terrain made by Death Ray Designs. Check it out!

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