Stones to Kill the Sea

Long as they’ve known it,
men have tried to own the sea
and all that it hides.

STONES TO KILL THE SEA is a low level adventure in the OSR style, technically written with Bastards. in mind, but designed to be usable in your TTRPG system of choice. It contains

  • An ecological disaster! The Great Green Sea has been stolen by a power mad Artificer! Steal it back if you can!
  • A hex crawl! Traverse the damned basin to the Artificer’s Lighthouse Island!
  • A dungeon! Climb the tower under the pall of the dread Seastone! Preserve your body’s water as best you can!
  • A ticking clock! When the sea is loosed, will you escape?

A 20 page (cover inclusive) A6 adventure. Illustrations by dead people, in the public domain.

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