Strange Solo

Rules light games are often the weapon of choice for solo playing because they allow you to hold most of the rules in your short term memory and skip many book lookups and rules checks.

Rulings, not rules, also dovetail with the improvisational nature of solo play. Rather than looking up a rule, you can make up a satisfactory outcome to anything not explicitly ruled on.
I didn’t know what I wanted to experience when I set out to play. Thankfully, Grok?!‘s tons of random tables make creating content on the fly easy.

I am not a huge fan of straight up swords and wizardry games. When I play them, I normally run murder mysteries or investigations rather than dungeon crawls. So I had a slight fear that Grok?! would be just another D&D clone in just a few pages. How wrong could I possibly be?

This rules supplement brings together two simple d20 oracles and improvisation advice for running adventures in the strange world of the Simulacrum. It uses many tables (but does not reproduce them) from the Grok?! rules, so you will need to own the game to play.

Solo rules are a great way to run any rule book into a quickstart for a new GM before presenting a game to your table. They let you test drive the rules, and play test adventures, before starting your campaign.





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