Swords & Chaos

Hark, you dogs of the underworld, and heed my words! Before you lay the forces of savage barbarism, decadent civilization, and the warping tendrils of Chaos itself! This tabletop roleplaying game is your gateway to endless high adventure, featuring larger than life heroes, wickedly evil villains, and unrelenting action in an antediluvian age. This book has everything you need to playSwords & Chaos!

Swords & Chaos is a game that blends classic and modern gaming sensibilities to produce a fun and fast paced adventure game modeled after the pulps of old. Powered be the SIEGE Engine of Castles & Crusades fame, It’s easy to pick up and play, and puts power into the hands of the Game Master to adjudicate rulings however they wish!

Within this book you will find

  • 7 character classes, namely the assassin, barbarian, fighter, knight, ranger, rogue, and sorcerer!
  • A system for gaining and losing supernatural corruption!
  • 120 bizarre spells!
  • 200+ fully statted monsters and enemies!
  • 79 richly detailed magic items!
  • 100 backstories!
  • Procedures for wilderness and dungeon exploration!
  • Procedures for random encounters, morale, hirelings, and followers!
  • Procedures for building and maintaining keeps and domains!
  • A carousing system!
  • An optional healing system called Skullduggery!
  • A gazetteer of the suggested setting for the game!
  • Much more!

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