Tegwyn Saga World Map

Gaze at this lovely world map for the Tegwyn Saga RPG!

Available as a small poster for your wall and as digital files to print yourself or use in a virtual tabletop, this beautiful full color map features

  • Labeled continents, homelands, oceans, seas, and select cities
  • Degree and mile markers around the edges for measuring distance
  • Equal area projection so that things that look the same size are the same size (at the cost of squishing things near the poles)
  • Legend telling you which fantasy races live in which places
  • 11 Goblin city states (can you spot them?)

Map of the world of Tegwyn Saga

Print version is an 18″x12″ small poster.

Digital version includes 3840×2560, 2100×1400, and 1920×1280 PNG files for viewing or virtual tabletop use, and a 300dpi 12.25×18.25″ CMYK PDF for large size viewing and self printing.

The Tegwyn Saga Roleplaying Game digital version also includes a PNG world map with the same content on a white background.

Tegwyn Saga RPG Cover

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