The Curse of the Oorlog

As if a sorcerous malediction and miscreant trolls weren’t poor omens unto themselves! A great woe has befallen the village a villainous witch has stolen the sacred totem from the Shrine of Eanccot, known as the mystical Oorlog.

Take your intrepid band of Viking adventurers on a journey from the magical city of Kamilarvi into the heart of the Suomi lands of Jordenheim to uncover the truth of the theft. Encounter great challenges, from the intrigues of the brutal Vassad River Lords to the dark secrets of the sorceress who would dare defile the spiritual heart of humble village folk.

Adventure in the region of Suomi for the first time, uncovering the magic and myth of the Shroud that rests heavy in this part of Jordenheim, and discover the true thief of the totem in a fast paced adventure of combat, sleuthing, and mystery. Will songs be sung of your victory or your sacrifice?

For 2–5 players, led by a Game Master, this is an adventure module for characters level 3 5. The module requires the game rules and setting from the Jordenheim RPG Core Rule Book to play. Pre set characters are provided in this book to get started quickly.

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