The Faeneran Guide to Solarmancy

The Power of the Sun in the Palm of your Hand

In this extensive guide, you will find a new branch of magic, similar to Dunamancy, known as Solarmancy; a type of magic that draws from the celestial and powerful radiant magic of the sun or a similar solar entity. With spells likeSunstrike,Solar Storm,andHelios’ Armaments, you can become a wielder of solar energy to disintegrate your foes into nothing but ash.

A Special Kind of Magic

Rather than just inflate the spell list further, Solarmancy is quite different. Solarmancy spells are made to be intentionally more powerful than traditional spells of their typical level. This is not seen through radically increased damage numbers, but instead its ability to grow even more empowered and have additional effects when empowered by Direct Sunlight. Due to this, Solarmancy is meant to be given as a Reward to characters, and not designed to be avaliable to characters when they choose spells initially. Instead, there are rules inside the guide that showcase how to learn Solarmancy spells, through an NPC contact or through spell scrolls and spellbooks.

Furthermore, all Solarmancy spells require a ‘Sunstone’ to cast, a new kind of magic arcane focus, that is meant to solidify that this branch of magic is something that is abnormal, and requires specific steps and materials to utilize effectively. This branch of magic is more difficult to obtain than most, but provides a unique aesthetic and power to a character that wants to invest.

35 New Solarmancy Spells

This guide boasts 35 new Solarmancy spells, ranging from Cantrips to even a new powerful 9th level spell, as well as 19 new magical items to be added to your game for the purposes of adding Solarmancy! This guide has been adapted from my own campaign setting, and as such the tools to make a society based around Solarmancy are present through spells and magic items such as the Sundisk,Sunkiss,Sunstrike, andSunbless.

Solarmantic Character Options

Not only can you have the power of the sun in your hand, but you can also tailor your character or campaigns enitrely around Solarmancy with new added sub lineages alongside a number of Solarmantic feats!

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