The Fall of Retbury

Seven years have passed since the conclusion of the Ember War, the Kingdom of Gaford is still in the process of recovering from the terriotiral loss that ocurred in the south of the kingdom. In spite of everything that has happened, the kingdom has undergone something of a cultural and commercial revival.

As a result of the acquisition of new trade links with the syrmanian people to the north, numerous port cities in Gaford have flourished swiftly and evolved into ture commercial strongholds in the region.

A tiny group of magi, known as the Higher Council, has been in charge of governing Retbury for the past many decades. They have exerted their power to further develop the city, and they have also formed several agreements with guilds from all around Gaford in order to attract their headquarters to this location.

On the other hand, the little city is going to be devastated by a catastrophe taht will rock it to its very foundations. the city will be the target of a mysterious attack, which will result in the spread of a disease that will trap everyone inside the city. our intrepid adventurers as well.

This adventure is perfect from LVL 4 to 6, but you can obviously adapt it as a great Dungeon Master if you want to integrate it in a bigger campaign!

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