The old commander goes to Hexcrawl

The old commander goes to Hexcrawl

Introducing The Old Commander Goes to Hexcrawl, a Fantasy mini setting that takes the sandbox experience to a whole new level! This hexcrawl style adventure invites players to explore the kingdom of Orador, where the infamous dragon Argorok demands a grisly tribute of ten young maidens every decade.

But this isn’t your typical RPG adventure it’s a fully realized sandbox where players are free to make their own choices and shape the world around them. Each hex is packed with random encounters and unique features to discover, giving players endless hours of exploration and discovery.

And that’s not all the world of Orador is alive with possibility, with events planned to shape the world and create new challenges for players. Will you choose to take part, or forge your own path through this epic adventure?

This hexcrawl adventure is systemless and can be adapted to any RPG system. Whether you’re a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, or any other RPG, “The Old Commander Goes to Hexcrawl” is the perfect addition to your gaming library.

About the Book

  • Guidelines for exploring the world of Orador, giving players the tools they need to navigate the hexcrawl sandbox experience.
  • Minimalist rules for solo play, allowing players to enjoy the adventure even when they can’t gather a group.
  • 19 detailed hexes, each packed with random encounters and unique features to explore.
  • Tables for generating dungeons on the fly, giving players endless possibilities for exploration and adventure.
  • 6 dungeon maps to use as a guide for creating immersive and engaging dungeon experiences.
  • Tables for generating NPCs, bringing the world of Orador to life with a diverse cast of characters.
  • Tables for generating factions, giving players the chance to navigate the complex political landscape of Orador and shape the world around them.

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