The Rift Binder

Rift Binder A Unique Half Caster with a Summonable Companion for 5e compatible systems

Loosely based on the Unchained Summoner from Pathfinder 1st edition. Fight alongside a creature of your own making; casting spells while it protects you from harm. Swarm your opponents with angels, demons, and fey. Warp the very fabric of space itself, creating shortcuts or displacing enemies.

The Rift Binder is a spellcasting class compatible with SRD 5.1 that gives you a customisable extraplanar creature. This is not your run of the mill spellcaster either, your rift binder, much like the warlock, the rift binder’s spells come back with each short rest, but they’re a lot more versatile and fuel many of the rift binder’s abilities.

Featuring 5 different subclasses, each altering the nature of your companion

The Bond of Teamwork. Fight side by side with your loyal spirit companion.
The Bond of Unity. Assume the form of your companion, growing in martial might as you grow.
The Bond of the Puppetmaster. Send forth a small unit of custom beasties against your foes.
The Bond beyond Death. Play Frankenstein with an undead abomination.
The Bond to the Otherkind. Bond with the unnatural twisted souls of the plane of shadow.

Also featuring 7 new spells for your rift binder.

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