The Vampyre Hack

The night belongs to you now.

But you are not alone.

Beware the Elders, plotting in their neon crypts.

Beware the Youngbloods, seething and hungering.

Beware the Seven Tribes, waging their unending war.

But most of all, beware your Hunger for the blood of the living.

The Night belongs to you but who will be the master?

Welcome toThe VampyreHack, a new take on the ’90s games that let you roleplay the tragic undead monster in a modern setting! InThe Vampyre Hackyou will find

  • Rules for creating your own contemporary vampyre
  • Seven undead Tribes to inspire you
  • Rules for Blood Gifts and Blood Magic to perform supernatural feats
  • Usage die mechanics to cover your blood level, your growing corruption and your security from other vampyres
  • Rules for combat, chases, NPC antagonists, magical treasures and charts to generate your own scenarios
  • A nice character sheet

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