The Village of Wilders Edge A complete drop in setting for any Fantasy Tabletop RPG

Welcome to Wilders Edge, a border village on the edge of a kingdom and close to the wilds of hills and forests. This book is a collection of ideas and adventures set in the world of Wilders Edge, created for tabletop RPG players, game masters, authors, and anyone who loves to create fantasy stories.

Journey through ancient ruins guarded by golems, solve puzzles and outwit traps to uncover hidden treasures, and battle fearsome creatures lurking in the forests. This book is not just limited to an adventure it provides inspiration for your own stories and ideas, allowing you to use all of it, parts of it, or simply use it as a starting point.

With fully fleshed out adventures, unique challenges, and an array of interesting characters, Wilders Edge is the perfect setting for your next adventure.

So, gather your party and prepare for an epic journey into the unknown!

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