The Werebeast

Werebeast A Lycanthropic Martial Class for5e compatible systems

A new way to play a lycanthrope. Soak damage, spread mayhem, and remain in your hybrid form indefinitely. Grow your powers as a werebeast from a tiny whelp to a terrifying alpha!

Featuring 5 subclasses based on each lycanthrope in the base game

The Werebear. Wear heavy armour and martial weapons in tandem with your lycanthropic might.
The Wereboar. Charge into combat and refuse to stop until you’re the last one standing.
The Wererat.Skulk in and out of combat, and escape tight situations.
The Weretiger. Become a whirling dervish of slashes
The Werewolf. Exercise teamwork and sow terror in the ranks of your enemies.

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