Thrones & Bones Vengeance of the Valravn

Can You Run With the Wolves?

The Jarl of Sindholm has a problem. People are being slain in the outlying farms and villages north of his city. By the savage bite and claw marks on the victims, the jarl suspects that wolves are to blame. He seeks adventurers to find the creatures responsible and put a stop to their savage attacks. But the jarl is wrong in his assumptions.The danger to Sindholm is far greater than wolves and far older than he suspects.

Vengeance of the Valravn is a stand alone adventure for characters of 7th level set in the land of Norrøngard from the Thrones & Bones campaign setting. It can be played as part of that setting or dropped into any northern themed campaign.

Content WarningVengeance of the Valravn

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