Tribes of the Dragon

Tribes of the Dragondoubles as anadventure location andtoolboxto support runningisland dragon themed adventures. It consists of

  • 54 encountersthat maintain a balance of combat, exploration, roleplay, and skill challenges.
  • 3high resolution regional maps(and 1 that includes all 3).
  • A multi phased boss battle.
  • 16 NPCoutlines andportraits.
  • 6 overarching queststhat tie the encounters, regions, NPCs and the boss battle together.

You can view the sample to see how the different assets are arranged to support use at the table. Below is a preview of the contents of the toolbox. The used art (e.g., NPC portraits, maps) is included in a supplementary zip file.

Tribes of the Dragon

The encounters reference 5e OGL concepts (e.g., monsters), though adapting the content to any system should be trivial.

Background on The Black Island

The Black Island, though largely unknown and appearing only on a few sea maps, is a mysterious place full of action, conflict, and adventure. Covered in dense jungle, it appears peaceful on the surface. Despite the tranquil appearance, the Black Island hosts fractured tribes, hags, ogres, sahuagins, ghosts, and much more, culminating with a black dragon ruling the island.

Before the dragon’s arrival, 3 native tribes inhabited the Black Island and lived in peace. When the dragon came, the tribes were unable to fight it; instead, they started worshipping the dragon as their patron. A dragon shaman leader was chosen from each tribe, ensuring devotion to the evil dragon. Ever since, the relationship between the tribes deteriorated, each one fighting to become the dragon’s strongest cult. The black dragon fosters hostility between the tribes, enjoying the perpetual chaos.

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