Vulcania The Xhuul Saga

CAMPAIGN SET The Saga of the Xhuul is the highly anticipated sequel to the introductory adventure The Usual Suspects from the Vulcania RuleBook, taking players through an epic story that could change the fate of the world forever.

The characters are caught up in a series of events linked to the return of a terrible and as yet unknown threat the Xhuul are back! This ancient civilisation has been accidentally awakened and is now plotting to conquer the top of the food chain. It is up to our heroes to make sense of the chaos and stop this looming threat before human society itself falls into the devious tentacles of this secret enemy! Characters will chart the path to becoming Heroes or even … legendary villains!!!

The campaign set is in fact divided into two strands that the narrator can use to conduct the story depending on whether the characters’ choices lean towards justice or crime and leading to two breathtaking endings!!!

The Saga of the Xhuul is divided into 7 Acts

Act 1 Desert Mysteries
Act 2 The shadow of the squid
Act 3 The Camel is back in the fence
Act 4 Conlio and blood
Act 5 A tomb of ice
Act 6 In the lair of the octopus
Act 7 Abrabazem showdown

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