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Deep within the infernal desert expanse, hidden beneath a bunker, lies a stronghold. Once an ocean, now nothing remains but sand and the unquenchable thirst that plagues the survivors of this desolate land. The hideout is the only place where one can feel safe, where one can find respite in this never ending nightmare.

But it never lasts long. Raiders, always lying in wait, hunt their prey like starving vultures. The roaring engines echo in the air, signaling imminent death.

multi levels battlemap

Fits perfectly for all virtual tabletop rpg and pen & paper game like Mutant Year Zero, Vermin 2047, Atomic Highway, D20 Apocalypse, Fallout, Aftermath, Mutant Future games or your unique and personal post apocalyptic Mad Max rpg handmade. Because we are all creators in a way !

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