Wasteland Attire

So the survivors come across a group of looters wearing mismatched garments that they’ve scavenged from nearby abandoned homes… and one of your players asks what exactly that they are wearing. Haven’t given it much thought? This 1 page product provides detailed descriptions of what a dozen male and female survivors are wearing.

Example Entries
1. A male survivor is wearing a charcoal grey leather jacket with a worn surface cracked and stained from years of use in harsh conditions. The collar is adorned with an assortment (1d6+4) of button pins. These pins advertise various alternative music groups from the 1980s and 90s. Underneath the jacket the survivor has a faded green plaid flannel shirt. This survivor is also wearing dark blue jeans that are unusually clean and in good condition, light gray socks, and dirty black Converse brand high top sneakers.

5. A female tundra survivor wears a dark blue parka, its fur trimmed hood shielding them from the elements. This parka is in great shape and appears to be free of tears or stains. Underneath the survivor is wearing a bright orange t shirt that is tucked into her well worn black jeans. The survivor is also wearing gray thermal socks with red stripes, a pair of brown leather boots, and a pair of leather and cloth work gloves. A bright green woven scarf is wrapped around the survivor’s neck to help provide a bit of extra warmth.

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