Wasteland Backpacks

This 4 page (5 with cover) product provides details of 25 different backpacks that you can find in a post apocalyptic wasteland (realistic or otherwise). Each entry provides a description of the appearance and condition of the backpack as well an assortment of loot items that the backpack contains. The GM is encouraged to either choose the backpack or randomly roll (using percentile dice).

Sample Entries
9 to 12 Sun bleached canvas backpack that was once solid maroon in color. The material is still holding up but smells a bit musty. The metal strap buckles, zipper, and pocket snaps are rusty. The backpack is difficult to open and close (5% chance of zipper breaking each time) due to this condition. Inside this backpack you find 1d4+1 cans of chicken noodle soup, a metal camping mess kit, a Swiss Army style pocket knife, a military style can opener, a bottle of drinking water, and an unopened box of disposable plastic spoons, knives, and forks.

33 to 36 Aged brown backpack made of weather worn leather. The backpack’s straps show signs of hasty repairs and its front pocket zipper is broken. Inside the backpack are 1d4 cans of cherry flavored pie filling, 1d4 cans of creamed corn, a box of lime flavored gelatin powder, a half empty water bottle, a rusty steak knife, a hand drawn map showing a nearby trailer court (1d4+2 miles or kilometers away), a cheap set of hex tools, a small pocket flashlight (45% chance of batteries being dead), and a house key (to one of the trailers at the court on the map).

57 to 60 Bright pink backpack with large rainbow embroidered on the front pocket. This backpack appears to be in perfect shape overall. Inside this backpack you will find 3 bags of dried rice, 2 bags of cinnamon candies, a wooden stirring spoon, 1d4 bottles of drinking water, 2 tubes of red lipstick, a pair of light gray house slippers, and a small flashlight (45% chance of batteries being dead). There is also a crude map showing what streets lead to an old warehouse in a nearby community (located 1d6+2 miles or kilometers away). Also written on this map is the following instructions “When you approach the building walk slowly and carefully with your hands raised up. Our people mean well but they will shoot a stranger that they don’t trust.”

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