Western Town Water & Wind Mills

Part of our Western Town map series, Water & Wind Mills, includes 18 full size maps detailing a water mill driven by a water wheel and a wild mill in a frontier town.

Designed to be able to be used with any roleplaying game system, these maps are easily able to be integrated into popular Virtual Tabletop (VTT) systems such as Roll20, Fantasy Grounds and others. The maps may also be printed.

This set includes the following map files

  • Wind Mill Grind Floor (Grid).jpg
  • Water Mill Grind Floor (Grid).jpg
  • Water Mill Grind Floor.jpg
  • Water Mill Loading Floor (Grid).jpg
  • Water Mill Loading Floor.jpg
  • Water Mill Roof (Grid).jpg
  • Water Mill Roof.jpg
  • Water Mill Underneath (Grid).jpg
  • Water Mill Underneath.jpg
  • Water Mill Wheel Floor (Grid).jpg
  • Water Mill Wheel Floor.jpg
  • Wind Mill Grind Floor.jpg
  • Wind Mill Loading Floor (Grid).jpg
  • Wind Mill Loading Floor.jpg
  • Wind Mill Roof (Grid).jpg
  • Wind Mill Roof.jpg
  • Wind Mill Wheel Floor (Grid).jpg
  • Wind Mill Wheel Floor.jpg
  • Western Town Mills GM Notes.pdf (a guide to help you incorporate the maps into your campaign)


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