Whiskey in the Jar (A Whiskeypunk Scenario for TSRPG)

“Whiskey in the Jar” is aTSRPG (Travel Sized RPG)adventure in which the players assume the roles of Irish Fairy creatures. This diverse band must steal a jar of whiskey from a distillery and use it to set a trap for a mischievous Pooka that has been terrorizing their forest. This scenario takes place in the Irish countryside, is appropriate for two to six players, and will probably take between two and three hours to complete.

This fun and engaging quest to save St. Patrick’s Day includes

● A complete, illustrated short adventure that features encounters, environmental hazards, and a number of fun and exciting challenges;

● Two maps;

● Four sample characters with custom tokens and illustrations; and,

● A copy of theTSRPGbasic rules, allowing this scenario to be played without any other resources.

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This item is produced by Skirmisher Publishing

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