Witch’s home base pack

Today I have for you Witch’s home
Somewhere in the depths of a dark forest, in its very center, in a swampy location. There is the hut of the witch Daphne. Local residents have a strict ban on visiting the center of the forest. Many people fall into the witch’s trap. And don’t come back again. Wicked witch uses dark magic. She needs someone else’s life to exist. She slowly tortures and sucks the life out of those unfortunate people who violate the ban. Her hut is filled with various potions, books, and instruments of torture.

This pack include 3 different variants including
•Night shine

Combat map properties
Resolution 1536x 2048 pixels at 140 dpi
Grid 15×20 @ 140px
Basemaps day and night
Total 9 maps

This set is the minimum set of maps to play with this map.




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