Digital Parasite

The Dragonfly, a deep space collection frigate, is returning from harvesting a valuable xenon rich nebula. Little does the crew know that picking up a nanite infected android threatens to consume them all.

  • Explore the drifting hulk of the Dragonfly, navigating the xenon laden atmosphere and living cybernetic tendrils that slither within the ship’s walls.
  • Confront theghastly infected crew membersand face the unspeakable terror that lurks within the ship’s depths.
  • Choose between a high stakes, fast paced scenario or a slow burn investigative story and uncover the fate of the crew.
  • Tailor the adventure to your group’s unique interests and motivations with an array of adventure hooks.

Will you save the crew from the relentless grip of the Digital Parasite, or will you succumb to its deadly embrace? Can you even save yourselves?

Find out if you have what it takes to survive this chilling tale of technological terror.

Writing and layout by Terry Herc

Editing by Christian Sorrell

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