MAZES OF RAR EXPANSION #1 The Region of Dugglobb

MAZES OF RAR EXPANSION #1 The Region of Dugglobb

One day, a few people in the village claimed that there used to be a region called the Empty Land to the south of Mydnor, when everyone knows that Dugglobb has always been south of Mydnor. They were dismissed as crazy and shunned. In this variant, The Empty Land is now Dugglobb. Your party remembers Dugglobb was always there unless you happen to travel to The Empty Land somehow. In which case, you will remember it was always there. Maybe Dugglobb will be a strange distant memory.

Dugglobb is an ever twilit place of fog and gloom. It is often drizzling or foggy. Slaves toil on failing farms, overseen and corrected by ogres and their whips. It is an endless expanse of mossy hills, twisted forests and swamps, where roaming bands of monsters fight petty battles. It is a land of tents, hovels, hill forts and stone ruins, while in the city of Dugglobb; goblins conduct goblin business while warlocks practice their foul arts. Heaped piles of bones seem to lie everywhere, usually topped by some warlord’s banner or a forgotten bare banner pole.

This supplement contains a new region – Dugglobb. It also contains rules specific to Dugglobb and extra rules that you can use in your games if you wish, but you do not have to. The expansion contains a d66 regional encounter table – The Region of Dugglobb as well as a d66 settlement locale encounter table – The City of Dugglobb, with three smaller locale encounter tables.

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