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The underground hangar lies hidden beneath a mountain in the heart of an arid desert, where the heat is oppressive but the stone walls keep the temperature bearable. Survivors of the wasteland seek shelter in this cavernous warehouse, taking respite from the unforgiving sun outside. Yet even as they rest, the heat serves as a constant reminder of the harsh reality of their surroundings, where death lurks around every turn. But for now, they must rest and gather their strength, for the journey ahead will be as perilous as it is unrelenting.

This Cavernous warehouse battlemap cavern fits perfectly for all virtual tabletop rpg and pen & paper game like Mutant Year Zero, Vermin 2047, The Walking Dead, D20 Fallout, Aftermath, Mutant Future, Dead Air games or your unique and personal post apocalyptic Mad Max or Doomsday rpg handmade. Because we are all creators in a way !The generic battlemap can be used as Star Wars cavern battle map in Jakku or Mos Espa ?

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