SIS/TR System Neutral Operating Manual

Starborn Invasion System/Turret Regenerator

System Neutral Operating Guide

How SIS/TR works

Each of the four sides has their own attack or defend modes. Flip SIS/TR to a different side to change modes attack / shield / hack / retreat (not including face and rear).

The control sheet allows the warden to track hit points per side as well as which side is active. The book and/or operating manual details both SIS/TR’s attack modes and turrets. Each mode/side has its own unique stats that effect how SIS/TR acts and if it can deploy turrets.

Turrets have their own hit points as well as six variable modes with deadly attacks. Once destroyed, turrets cannot be redeployed, but they can repair if they are retracted before they expire. Turret 2, side five example

Swap / Teleport Two targets are deemed inappropriately positioned in SIS/TR’s insane model of time space. SIS/TR rolls to hit the target with the highest defensive stat (AC, etc.) There is no resistance to this effect. Using its particle transpositioning frequency, the turret immediately outlines the forms of the two random targets with a shimmering green contour. The targets switch locations with one another and act normally on their next turn. If SIS/TR scores a critical failure when rolling to hit the targets, the Players may locate their characters anywhere in the room they like. If SIS/TR critically hits the targets, it rolls to hit again. If the second roll hits, the biomatter of the two targets is violently combined and the result is a quivering mass of twisted flesh and gore that will spray stinking fluid and clots of tissue and dies at the beginning of its next turn unless nothing short of a miracle is used to reverse the effect.

By Justin Sirois / George Holland

Guest Turrets

by Brian Evenson and Sean McCoy

“Brooding with atmosphere, a.i. gone wrong, and a rich tapestry of gore soaked hallways ringing out with the screams of the damned await you with SIS/TR. If you like your horror Weird, you won’t be disappointed. This thing drips.” Jarrett Crader.

A viscious boss with six sided deployable turrets.

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