Torg Eternity Tribal Adventures S01E02 Fruit of the Tree of Evil

Mobius divided his side of Istanbul among a trio of lieutenants. Omorose, a resurrected mummy, is one of these lieutenants. She controls her third from a military installation known as Jackal Base. Unbeknownst to Mobius, Omorose is in contact with the Gaunt Man. She wishes to throw off the chains Mobius placed on her and believes she can double cross not one High Lord, but two. The Gaunt Man, intrigued by her ambition, gifted her with a trio of Nightmare Trees, which Omorose planted throughout the Nile Empire side of Istanbul. But Omorose is not the only one capable of deception. One of her servants, a hem netjer named Beste, is actually a Storm Knight in deep cover, sent by the Delphi Council. He uncovered one of the locations of the Nightmare Trees and signaled to the Council that he needed extraction. This is where your Storm Knights come into the story.

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