100 Ceilings to Find in a Dungeon (C&C)

Ceilings are an important part of any room and this supplement provides 100 different ceilings that can be added to a dungeon. These could be used as a source of potential curiosities or hazards, or perhaps as potential adventure hooks. Alternatively, they may simply be used as a way to flesh out an otherwise uninteresting room and, perhaps, pose a puzzle that lacks a true answer.

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Here are some sample results

  • Dried and pressed flowers, all seemingly from the surface (CL 6 Intelligence check confirms), have been randomly stuck to the ceiling.
  • Four sides taper up to form a pyramid shape for the ceiling. From the central point a large bronze bell dangles on a rope (the bell weighs 1,200 pounds and is worth 720 gp).
  • Holes have been hacked into the rock of the ceiling with wooden boards on their sides providing places to stand. Mining tools can be soon on the boards.
  • Iron shackles have been bolted to the ceiling in pairs. Fastened in some of the shackles are bodies. Most are near skeletal but one looks (CL 4 Intelligence check) quite fresh.
  • Iron pipes of different sizes stretch across the ceiling in every direction, joining, splitting and going over and under each other.

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This work is compatible with the Castles & Crusade Players Handbook.

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