Black Market (25×15 IN) Modern Digital Battle Map

The illuminated ‘Z’ hangs high in the air only on one edge ready to fall at any moment. With every blink of illuminated Zoo sign, the spray painted words underneath are visible.

“Midnight Market”

Shouts can be heard from inside the large glass buildings, and an occasional gunshot rings out from deeper in the zoo. Members from different gangs fight and haggle over the makeshift tables and crates scattered around the rooms. A few brave, or desperate, scavengers try to unload their stolen goods.

In the backroom rising from a pile of broken, burned, and ruined scraps stands the Creature’s Throne. A chair made of animal bones and draped in furs. On the throne sits the Empress, a statuesque broad shouldered Marauder, watching the slow flow of patrons and waiting for anyone to make the wrong move.

black market pat cover.jpg

The Zoo is one of the longest running black markets the city has left. Nestled inside the vacant welcome center, the trading booths are run by the handful of gangs that share the zoo grounds.

Police and Security teams avoid the Zoo entirely as long as the violence doesn’t spill out to the surrounding area.

The Black Market map is made up of a single building with two glass walled rooms up front on either side of the lobby. Stuffed animals marked with bullet holes and graffiti fill the lobby. Tables, shelves, and racks from the former gift store are scattered throughout the other two rooms and used to trade black market goods.

Tables filled with weapons, tools, drones, cybernetics, and anything else that was stolen from the previous week are spread throughout the building. A large back room houses more gangers hocking their products as well as a large bone and tusk throne.

While the rest of the zoo has been taken over by different gangs, the market is run by an independent mercenary and treated as a sanctuary zone free from conflict and violence.

Two small rooms round out the rest of the torn up building that include a small work area, and the Empress’s private sellers room she loans out for larger deals.

From her perch on the throne, the Empress and her muscle takes a small cut to keep the peace.

The pack includes multiple color variants including a red sky, night, and reconnaissance version. The recon version can be used as a handout to crews who like to do research ahead of their gigs.

The map aesthetic works great for games set in asci fi, cyberpunk, or any modern setting.

Included in download

  • Black Market map.
  • Red Sky, Midnight dark, and Reconnaissance green screen map color variants.
  • Maps and variations include versions with and without a grid.
  • Images are 25×15 inch digital battle maps and grids are 1 inch squares.
  • Includes universal VTT files for importing into the VTT of your choice.
  • All images are watermark free.
  • No physical products included with purchase.

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