Cendrillon Mercs for Hire an in universe pamphlet for Mothership RPG

Mercenary contractors registered to the Cendrillon PMC are those who have proven through experience to protect assets better than your common Marine grunt. Each of the mercenaries available this month have expertise and mastery in domains that we assure will help any client get out of a tough spot.

Check the Cendrillon Mercenaries for Hire this month on station!

  • Rat
  • The Dreamer
  • Chef
  • Princess
  • Bubbles
  • Digital Razor & Deadtree

Made for the Mothership RPG Voices of the Void Lo fi Jam. This pamphlet is an “in universe” supplement you can hand directly to your players. It features six deadly NPC contractors, and an office location to add to your table’s lore.
Written by Chris Airiau & Stephen Shutton

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Human Made, no AI art involved in this creation.

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