Galactic Diner Menu

Galactic Diner Menu
This one page product is a space age diner menu intended for use with a variety of star faring tabletop role playing games. The menu features a random (roll 1d12) daily special as well as a variety of regular meal options, appetizers and sides, desserts, and drinks. Each entry includes the name of the food/drink, a brief description (or opinion), and a purchasing cost. Prices are presented as a generic “credit” cost, which can be easily translated to the currency used in your campaign setting. The Game Master is encouraged to print off a copy of the menu for their self and for their players.

Samples from the menu

Daily Special
3 Avian Surprise We know the meat came from some sort of bird. Grilled and served on a bed of zapharo rice. Cost 7 Credits

Regular Meal Options
Egg Plate Two eggs (of some kind) served with starch root hash and a gravy smothered crumble roll. Cost 8 Credits

Appetizers and Sides
Starch Root Fries Classic side. Starch root sticks fried, salted, and served with dipping sauce. Cost 4 Credits

Belzari Plum Pudding Made from a box of powder, so don’t worry about the bowel thing. Cost 2 Credits

Falcharo Tea Want it hot and comforting or chilled on ice? We’ll charge you the same either way. Cost 2 Credits

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