More Bizarre Citizens, D66 Folk by Morgan & Reed

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A great gamemaster knows that there can never be too many tools in the box. For that reason, we’re back with another selection of non player characters who are waiting to meet the heroes. The d66 strangers detailed on the following pages were designed to inspire the GM.

If combined with the original title, Bizarre Citizens, you will have a total of 72 different NPCs to toss into your campaign. Even if the heroes interact with a dozen of these characters each session, that’s still six sessions worth of NPCs who will certainly add some depth and life to your games.

If you’re in need of even more NPCs, please don’t miss both Bizarre Foes and Bizarre Seafolk. These two entries in the series of Bizarre booklets each add another d66 characters to your catalog. That’s 144 NPCs across all four booklets!

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