Sky’sEnd The Explorer Issue #1

The Explorer is a system flexible Tabletop RPG monthly periodical containing all manner of RPG content meant for the Sky’sEnd TTRPG system but that can be easily used in most fantasy games.

This Issue Contains

  • 3 Perks (Our equivalent of Feats)
  • 1 Magic Item
  • The Almiraj (or horned rabbit)
  • Beach Volleyball game rules
  • Featured Adventurer Kiyomi Gouki
  • Cult of the Crabbehemoth (a system agnostic 1 page adventure)
  • A 1 page Aethership map
  • and The Adventures of Pip #1, 1 page comic

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This item is priced at $ 2.00

This item is produced by Niccolo Salonga

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