Stories from the Red Raven

Stories from the Red Raven is a campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition developed by volunteer artists and writers. All profits from the sales of this book were donated to the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri.

Stories from the Red Raven takes place in Helianthus, world recovering from a cataclysmic meteor shower 200 years ago that changed the geographical and political landscape.

The American Midwest influenced this campaign setting, specifically Kansas City, Missouri and the surrounding areas.

This book contains new content for a Dungeons & Dragons setting, including at least

• references to more than 200 NPCs, some with NPC statistics,

• 1 massive meteorite crater corrupted by magic,

• 7 detailed political power centers and many more population centers and settlements,

• 9 subraces for character creation,

• 3 character races,

• 4 character backgrounds,

• a bestiary of 21 creatures,

• 8 magic spells,

• 73 magic items,

• 60 plot hooks and quests,

• 1 fortress,

• a map of 10 constellations in the night sky,

• and 2 adventures.

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