The Wyrd Class

The Wyrd is a brand new class from Haggard Time Games centred around fate and destiny. Using these elements, the Wyrd sews chaos through themselves to evoke powerful transformations. In the vein of Venom, The Incredible Hulk, Sailor Moon, He Man, Captain Marvel, Dr. Fate, The Shadow, All Might, Power Rangers, and many more, the Wyrd is the comic book superhero/supervillain class you’ve been waiting for!

This Book Contains

  • The Wyrd Class
  • Six Quirks Subclasses
  • Six Wyrd Statblocks
  • Advice on Maintaining a Double Life
  • Random Origin, Disguises & Quirk Persona Names Tables

What is the Wyrd?

There is a force in our universe, unknowable to most, that is influencing every aspect of our lives. It makes us late for work, causes us to hold our tongues, inspires us to take the leap, and ultimately presents itself as the standard flow of cause and effect in our universe. The Wyrd is a violation of this natural flow. For the Wyrd, the ordered force guiding our universe is an obstacle that, with enough will and determination, can be overcome, even transformed. Where most are content to be mere puppets upon fate’s strings, the Wyrd frees themselves to unleash their true potential.

Wyrds are once ordinary creatures transformed by an impossible fate. Survivors of near death experiences, lightning strikes, alien infection, demonic possession, divine selection, alchemical experimentation and more! These “quirks of fate” challenge the Wyrd in ways no ordinary creature would likely survive. Such challenges require the Wyrd to mine the very depths of their will to not only survive fate’s quirk, but in time, learn to control it!


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