50 Scoundrels 12

Thieves, looters, brigands, robbers, cutthroats, hired blades, vultures among men… all of them scoundrels. A staple of the fantasy genre, especially gritty urban fantasy settings, these lowlife dogs often go nameless and lacking in detail. Not anymore!
This list offers 50 different scoundrels that are richly detailed– from name and a wee bit about them to what they are wearing, what they are armed with, and what goods they might be carrying on their person.
Each entry provides the following Name, gender, a general descriptive (appearance, skill, or demeanor, etc.), worn clothing and/or armor, carried weapon(s), carried coins, and an extra carried item of interest (treasure, trinkets, gear, etc.) Why just 50? There’s so much detail there is no way we could fit 100 on a single page!

Combine with earlier versions to make that big lawless city on the borderlands!

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