Delta World WOIN The Base 16 Enigma Part 1 The Enigma Signal

The Base 16 Enigma Part I The Enigma Signal

A W.O.I.N. Compatible Delta World Adventure for Four Grade 5 Characters!

The year is 2471. A group of scavengers operating in the remote wilderness has picked up a weak, repeating radio signal. Before they can identify the source of the transmission, the signal ceases. From Base 16, their remote outpost, they dispatch a request for additional support and transmit a replicate signal back to their home base for analysis. When the signal is received, a long dormant computer system sputters to life. Whoever, or whatever, sent that signal must be connected with the Ancient Ones!

Attempts to contact the scavengers have failed. Now, its up to you and your companions to find out what has happened at the remote Base 16 outpost, and what this mysterious signal may mean for the inhabitants of Delta World!

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