Fantasy d6 Delve#4 The Errant Knight



Delve #4 for Fantasy d6

To the south of the Forest of Derridor lies the Salt Coast, a vast stretch of beach that begins at the edge of the sea and ends at the towering cliffs of mainland. Legend tells that hidden amongst the outcrops and rocks is the entrance to the Tomb of the Errant Knight bitter at his King’s growing tyranny, a knight stole his lord’s prized possession – three birds carved in obsidian as a means of punishing him. Despite a wide and far reaching manhunt, the birds disappeared along with the errant knight. Furious at both the theft and the betrayal, Arnok cursed the knight to an eternal task, to guard the obsidian birds forever, even after death. Many have sought the tomb entrance and those that have found it have not returned with either the birds or their lives. Should the tomb be braved and the Errant Knight and his own protectors overcome, then the birds can be exchanged for a great wealth…

Fantasy d6is a rules lite solo RPG where you play as a young dungeoneer who is beginning their career in dungeon delving. By entering into dungeons to defeat its many monsters and to reap their spoils is how you hope to make your living. To play, all that is needed are the fast andeasy to learn core rules, two 6 sided dice in different colours, a pencil, eraser, a player token and a print out of any of the expansionDelve Maps.

Each Delve has its own introductory hook, specific Wandering Monsters, Special Conditions, and thepossibility of discovering a Special Weapon to aid in the final battle with the Dungeon Overlord. All function on simple and accessible d6 mechanics to make gameplay smooth and engaging. The delve’s are possible but they are also dangerous! Carefully managing wealth, health and abilities is the only way to get through the delve successfully and to defeating the beast at the end of the dungeon!

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Please note that the Fantasy d6 Core Rules are required to play this dungeon. Only available from DrivethruRPG, they can be downloaded by following this link

https// d6 Core Rules

As more Delve Maps are added, your Dungeoneer will be able to grow in Skill and Abilities, enabling them to take bigger and more dangerous delves!

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