Solo Vigilante

PGN_Logo_compatible_with.pngThis solo rules supplement adds solo play to Survive This!! Vigilante City.

They cover tweaks to character creation, provide a yes no and two open question tools, one based on dice or cards and the other based on bookwalking, using the dice to select random pages within a book which you then skim for ideas, or words to answer your questions.

The rest of the book is taken up with advice, guidance and examples for running a solo Vigilante City game.

Solo rules are a great quickstart tool for GMs new to the game who want to play to learn the rules before presenting them to their table or for playtesting adventures before using them with your group.

The entire text of this booklet is available in the full size preview. If you cannot afford the over price, you can download the sample and use that as a ‘community copy compromise.




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