Space Killing Beta

Space Killing is a lethal TTRPG working with a d6 basis where players are thrown into the frozen void of space risking their lives in search of a way out from misery. You are one of the few humans brave enough to leave your home in search of a better life, to fit on the role of a space explorer, specialist with his weapons or knowledge your greatest privileges apart from your equipment.

To achieve anything players must visit the darkest corners of the galaxy, with death awaiting around every corner, every hole, every conduit. Are you brave enough to face the risks of uncontrollable human greed, the dangers of space and terrible alien hordes?

Manual includes

  • 6 Classes to play.
  • Looting and crafting!
  • Vehicles!
  • Aliens and Enemies!
  • Looting tables
  • Combat is fast, there are no initiatives. Every side has it’s own round where you play actions togheter.
  • 20+ different weapons, each one with its strenghts.

Attachments and Upgrades for every weapon!

Although the game is independent to any particular world and may be used as a shell system for your universes, SpK is set in a future where mankind has managed to travel across the stars and build colonies, only to end up in a terrible intergalactic war that has ended trade routes and general jurisdictions. Now colonies, mining outposts and spaceships have a host of needs and interests that force them to cooperate or clash.

Nowhere to go, future is uncertainty. Returning to civilized societies is merely impossible, as most hyperjump platforms are giant spacejunks. Technology is humanity most valuable asset, as innovation becomes impractical. Last few decades have been a constant struggle to repair and maintain both hardware and software. Most groups survive by dismantling and looting scrap but a few privileged settlements still maintain the ability to provide basic and even advanced needs of their citizens.

SpK is a system that provides all the necessary rules, weapons, vehicles, equipment and loot tables. Although a small number of rules are provided for social situations, the game is focused on combat / exploration where the difficulty lies in maintaining and growing your equipment. During your journey you must collect all kinds of resources and blueprints in order to build new equipment, mantaining your current gear or archieve alliances.

The worlds in SpK are hostile, full of alien lifeforms and all sorts of dangers. Be sure you are well equipped!

This is a Beta, and it’s going to be updated in the next months with additional content and balance rules, so if you like to collect manuals, be sure you save it!

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