Strange New Worlds – Planetary Map Kynur (includes datasheet & plot hooks)

Strange New Worlds – Planetary Map – Kynur (includes datasheet & plot hooks)

Have your players gone off course? Do you need some inspiration to kickstart their next mission? Then here’s a ready made planet to drop in their way, which is intended for use with any Sci Fi/Star Wars/Star Trek type roleplaying game.

This product is a map of a planet, that could be a point of interest in a solar system, a mystery to be solved, or a setting for an ongoing plot.

Kynur is similar to Earth, and is populated by various types of humanoids. The technology level of the inhabitants is pre industrial, and there are occasional wars for territory and resources. The planet has several continents, with ocean trade or skullduggery strong motifs for the setting. It could also be used in a fantasy RPG.

This product is a 40” by 20” map of the planet, including the following variants (as full colour JPEG files)

  • No Grid
  • Hex Grid
  • Square Grid
  • Square Grid with GM notes and scale bar
  • No Grid with Place Names and scale bar (fantasy setting version)

Each variant is available in the following sizes

  • High resolution 12,000 by 6,000 pixels (suitable for printing at 300 dpi).
  • VTT resolution 5,600 by 2,800 pixels (more suited for use in virtual tabletop platforms like Roll20, at 140 dpi).

Also included

  • A datasheet that contains details of Kynur, including atmosphere, temperature, gravity, description, distinguishing characteristics etc. Some of this information could be provided to your players if they carry out a sensor sweep of the planet, while the rest only revealed through exploration. The datasheet is provided as support for GMs, but feel free to ignore/amend any details if it would suit your campaign better!
  • Several plot hooks are also provided to serve as inspiration for creating missions and adventures taking place on the planet.

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