The Arena of Dimensions. Issue 1. The Orangi

The Arena of Dimensions issue 1 The Orangi, is part of a setting for your 5e or OSR game.

Map included! (colour A3).

What is The Arena of Dimensions
The Arena of Dimensions is a nexus to other planes of existence. It is a pocket
dimension that constantly moves, slipping through the space between realities.
Built by the Anunnaki, a collection of ancient Gods, it is one of the lost wonders
of the cosmic era.

It was created when time was forming and the rules of physics
hadn’t been created, when chaos ruled supreme and unknown horrors searched
the vastness of space creating hidden knowledge.

The Arena is a place where the Anunnaki worked to better understand and harness
the powers of the unknown. A place where they could contain unimaginable
horrors and unravel the mysteries of the cosmos, imposing their will as they saw

Deep within its bowls lay untold horrors and treasures. It is an exciting place full
of adventure, a place of unknown wonder. A place where the mysteries of creation
were unravelled and reworked into a structure where almost every unimaginable
thing can be found! It is a prison, a safe haven, a zoo, a laboratory, a church, a
graveyard, it is The Arena of Dimensions.

Inside this issue!

  • We introduce you to the places, people and gangs of The Orangi
  • New Lore on the Arena and theAnunnaki and Igigi
  • New subclass for monks “Way of the Third Eye” allowing them to see the workings of the univers
  • New Species “CoXiates” that travle the wastes of their homeworld collection riches.
  • New spells and items for your players
  • An A3 size map of The Orangi

We hope you and your companions have many adventures and near death experiences!

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