The Book of Infamous Cities

200 city events for your adventure…and more!

In a medieval fantasy world, a city can represent many things a place of rest between dangerous quests, a location for fun and drinking at its taverns, and also a place of dark alleys and eyes lurking at the end of each corner. And above all, a city is a place where something is always happening somewhere, and often that happening will require the attention of adventurers, whether they like it or not.

Here we have 200 relatively common events that could happen in this type of setting. They range from misunderstandings with the local guard to dragons invading the city. In addition to these 200 events (which can be randomly chosen by rolling dice), we have some other tables to help make this city more vibrant and alive.

This material works very well with any medieval fantasy RPG, especially those of the OSR movement, as well as all editions of the most famous RPG of all time.

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