100 Items in a Wild West Gambler’s Pocket

Gamblers. Cardsharps. Bookies. Shills. Opportunists. These bold and deceptive game players survive by using their wits and cunning to outsmart and outflank their opponents regardless of where they find them. They could be found playing games and watching from the sidelines waiting for a chance to get in the game themselves. And while they might be charming, clever, and even handsome, they are nothing if not competitive.

This list is intended for any Wild West setting (like Tall Tales, Down Darker Trails, Deadlands, Boot Hill, WildWest, etc.) where the vehicle of choice is the horse, the Colt revolver is King, and there is far more land thanthere are people. This list can be used with an unconscious cheater, some cooling corpse, an upstart youngster who wants to play, or a dashing dame with luck and guile to spare. This roleplaying tool gives you dozens of different ways to add a new dimension to your next gambler. We recommend rolling 1d6 times per gambler.

This Roll Percentile list has one hundred possible results in this format

Roll result A brief description of the contents of a gambler’s pocket.

Example 101 Mixed winnings (1d100 pennies, 1d20 nickels, 1d20 dimes, 1d10 quarters, and 1d3 silver dollars).

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