101 Interesting Tavern Menu Ideas and 10 Tavern Encounters

Looking for some flavorful and unique menu and drink ideas for your tavern setting? Look no further than these 101 options, ranging from Dragon’s Burger to Faerie Fuzz to Goblin Spicy Goulash. These options are sure to please any adventurer looking for a hearty meal or a refreshing beverage after a long day of questing.

But what’s a tavern without a little bit of drama? Along with the menu options, this list also provides 10 potential encounters for your party to navigate, from diffusing a brawl between two patrons to dealing with a hooded figure who’s causing suspicion among the other patrons. Each encounter comes with potential solutions, allowing your party to choose how they want to handle the situation. With these menu ideas and tavern encounters, your fantasy tavern setting is sure to come to life in a dynamic and exciting way.

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